November 28, 2007

The Many Adventures in Apartment Hunting!

You know when you have looked at too many apartments in one day when your eyes begin to cross and all you want to do is find a cardboard box, put it on the street corner and live in it the rest of your life.

This is pretty much what I felt like at the end of today. The past two days I have been looking for apartments and townhouses so that I can move into Lancaster where I have a newly acquired job....(that is a whole other blog and I will write about those happenings as well). It is hard work to find a nice place to live, who would have known????

Many miles and gallons of gas later, I think I may have found the most amazing townhouse there is....waiting just for me! There we were, on 30th St. West and Avenue K, the sun was setting, the light getting less and less apparent. In route to inquire about an apartment complex further down 30th St. West, we see the Marbella Villas. This is exciting indeed!

One is a gated community that requires a clicker to enter. Bummer! I decide to pull up to the keypad and put on my saddest puppy dog face to see if anyone coming out of those beautiful townhouses would be so kind as to let me in. As I waited there looking helpless indeed, a very nice woman in a Toyota Corolla was leaving the premises. She saw me there on the other side of the gate and felt pity on me i Suppose. With one touch of her finger (and her magic gate opener) she granted me access into the glorious Marbella Villas! VICTORY!!!

As I drove around I quickly discovered that these were not for rent, they were privately owned townhouses, sad day! In hopes that maybe someone was in need of a renter, namely me, I continued to drive around the property. On my last lap around, there it was! One solitary townhouse for rent....!!!!! The ending to this story comes tomorrow after I meet with the owner to look at the amazingness that could soon be mine!

Until then have a look for yourself...

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Bradley John said...


Buy this house. I am coming over and staying the night in the other master bedroom. As a matter of fact, I'll be moving in. So be prepared!