December 04, 2007

The beginning of Change

This month marks a month of change for me, profuse change! On Monday I start a new job...I am now the new 6th grade teacher at Amargosa Creek Midlle School, yes, you heard me right, I said middle school. I know what you are thinkng because I thought it too, but 6th graders are not so bad! :) So on Monday morning I get to walk into this beautiful school and learn along with my new students! It shall be a wonderful challenge that I am welcoming. I am not saying that there won't be difficulties, but I am confident that this is the place for me. God has set this up, not me. Believe me, this would have been my last choice, but it is His bring it on!

The other change for me is I am moving. I am looking for a place in Lancaster and I have it narrowed down to two places so far. I have no idea how it will all work out yet, but I know that God has the perfect blessing for me. So I wait and pray until I know what I am to do. I put my trust in Him to continue to take care of me and He has always done, without fail.

As things are changing all around me sometimes it is hard not to become overwhelmed. But I am sure that this is all for the good. I know that my God loves me and has wonderful plans for me. There is nothing else I am more sure of.

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