December 10, 2007

The Events of a Day

What a big day! So much happened many exciting things, a day of so many possibilities.

First, I took a step forward in the apartment hunting process. I went and dropped off my application to the townhouse I found. Now I wait for the Trumpet sound...I really do believe that this is where God wants me, so I took a step towards it. I have sincerely prayed for a few weeks now simply asking Him to lead me to the place He has for me, and I truly believe He has.

The next HUGE thing that happened today was my brother called. That, in and of itself, is a miracle. My brother does not call, and if he does, he doesn't this was a huge step. His call was to tell us that he is considering moving back to California. Let me go back a bit....About three weeks ago I called him and asked him to consider moving back to California and living with me so he can go back to school and finish his degree. I definitely thought the answer was no, but apparently after much thought on his part, and prayer on mine, he decided this might be a good idea. So, I talked to him on the phone this evening for just over an! That is probably the most he has talked to me for our whole lives. Needless to say, I am THRILLED and so very excited about the possibility of him coming back...I will continue to pray for him....

Lastly, I went to the district office of the new school district I will be working for and got signed up for benefits! Yay! I finally have benefits (and good ones too) that I don't have to pay for...amazing!!!!!

I am definitely one very blessed girl. God has taken care of me once again....He is so faithful to me!

Tomorrow is another day of firsts. But I will leave that until then.....

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Cianna said...

Keep up the good work.