December 15, 2007

His Love Continues

Went to my alma mater Calvary Chapel Bible College today. It was their fall graduation ceremony. I got to watch the last of the friends I have there graduate. It was a sweet ceremony....brought back memories of my graduation day. I do miss that place. Someday maybe I will get the chance to live there again. Maybe....

The Lord is good,I know. Sometimes I just don't understand why He takes away the things that are most precious to us. But then again, I do understand it. It is only when He has removed those things that are so dear to our hearts that He can fully reveal Himself and His plan to us. I get it, I just wish that it did not have to hurt so badly.

His love and grace are worth far more than anything that I hold dear, I am confident of that. I just have not learned to let go of the things that I have kept close to me for too long. He is teaching me though, and I am thankful.

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