December 02, 2007

If Even to One

There are many things in life that are so often taken for granted; so much more that is important than we often realize. Today was one of those days where you realize that there is just more to life....

This evening while watching Extreme Makeover House Edition I was struck by the depth of depravity of mankind. If you did not watch this episode, I highly recommend was an incredible story. As I watched I began to be changed. The things that I used to think were so important suddenly were of no consequence.

Each day we go about our routine making Starbucks runs that we think we cannot live without, shopping until there are no more hours in the day, watching television until we want to do nothing else; all of this happening simultaneously to the hurting that takes place all around the world.

There is so much more to life than what we have made it. Why can we not see that? Imagine your life without laughter, without hugs, without smiles, without friends. Imagine a day without knowing you matter to at least one person in the world, without feeling the blessing of being loved. Imagine a day without the ones that matter to you most while the rest of the world continues on as if nothing ever changed. These are the things that matter. Nothing else really does.

I know that there are far more needs in this world than any one person can fix, but isn't it worth a try? I was inspired all over again today to use my gift of teaching children to make a difference in this dark world. I don't know how yet, but in some special way I am going to make a difference, if even to only one...

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