December 31, 2007

A New Year, a New Start

As we bring in 2008, a whole new life awaits me. I am excited about the changes ahead, though a bit apprehensive. God has done great things for me and has blessed me beyond words; knowing this I am able to move forward to whatever He has for me...He has done all of this for me... a new job and a new (might I say cute) place to live. This is nothing that I have done; He has done it all for me!

I moved all of my belongings (and boy are there a lot of them) to my new townhouse in Lancaster. It took two days and two trips, but it is finally all there. Now the setting up of the place...who knows how long that will take. But it is exciting just the same.

I also start teaching my sixth graders on Monday. I a excited but not at all ready. There are still lesson plans to be made, a few things to set up in my classroom, and oh wait, I still have to figure out how to do sixth grade math before I go in and pretend to teach them something I don't know. Should be fun times.

Tomorrow I take my brother to the airport so he can fly back to Colorado and then I begin my stay in my very own townhouse...yipee!


Erica said...

So when do i get to see the new place and tell CJ I said bye.

Extreme Gardener said...

Right on, girly girl! Papa Gene says, no matter what, your new home will be a place of God's love and beauty reflecting YOUR beauty.

your mom said...

I'm SOOOOOO excited for you!!!!
Isn't our God truly AMAZING????
He loves you so very much,
dear one.