December 14, 2007

Pajama Day

Have you ever wished that you could go to work in your pajamas everyday? Believe me, I sure have. Pajamas, not my undies, are my favorite piece of clothing, contrary to popular belief (don't ask). I have often wished that I could waltz into work wearing my flannel jammie pants along with my cozy jammie shirt. Unfortunately, those days don't happen often enough.

Today, however, I got to wear my cutise jammies to work...good stuff!!!! Today at ACMS we had pajama day. I think I am going to talk my Principal into letting us do that everyday. :) Today was also build-your-own-gingerbread house-day. Whoever thought that giving kids that much sugar at once must have been out of their mind, or they were not a teacher. It all went well though. No one got hurt or passed out from sugar poisoning. They all got safely home without a hitch.

It is officially Christmas break as of 11:27 today. That also means that I am officially the teacher in room 208 at Amargosa Creek Middle School. I even got my very own set of keys to the room today....guess that means it's official. :)


Frank said...

Congratulations on the new job. I'm sure you'll make a killer teacher.

Shari said...

Yeah for you! I'm so exited for you and your new job.