December 09, 2007

True Faith and Trust

Panera Bread for lunch today with a friend...It was sweet. While we dined next to the blazing fireplace inside the cozy restaurant, outside the wind blew and the cold grew deeper still. We saw some friends we knew, smiles on their faces as if not a care in the world. But I know the truth, the saddening truth.

The truth is their time together is being shortened by cancer. He is fighting for life to continue to be with his wife, all the while just truly wanting it to be over so he can be with Jesus. She, on the other hand, wants to keep him forever...understandable.

The thing that struck me deeply today as I spoke with them and watched them from a distance is the unhindered joy they possess. Though their world is falling apart, they are joyful and pleasant. They are continuing to be a blessing to those around them though the things they face are devastating.

I am so blessed to see such a beautiful example of what true faith and trust in God looks like. I have never seen anyone as peaceful in the midst of adversity as these two beautiful friends of mine.

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