January 26, 2008

I Think I am in Love!

Yesterday I discovered this amazing music... I just had to share with you. As you read this you are listening to my favorite song of Colbie Caillat. I was in the Greenhouse Cafe yesterday and this song came on the radio. Her voice seriously captured my attention. Because of my fascination I inquired of the waitress to see if she could enlighten me as to who was singing so beautifully. The funny thing about it is she told me who was singing but looked at me as if I should have known. Apparently everyone has heard of her... where have I been?????
Upon returning home I immediately went on the Internet to find a CD of this great voice. I found it and listened to a clip of her songs for ever. Then today with the birthday $20 that I got from my grandma I went out and bought the CD. Oh how excited I am! I have been listening to it all day! If you have not heard her (well you have now because I added a few of her songs to my blog so they automatically play when you visit!), you should! I think everyone needs to have a Colbie Caillat CD.


Extreme Gardener said...

I love that CD! I like all the songs on it. It's my happy music. I'm glad you like her too.

Fishlicity said...

You should have clued me in sooner... I think you have been holding out on me. What else do I need to know about????