January 20, 2008

The Journey...

Journey Church

I took a step today, one that I would not have normally done on my own, but I did it! I went to a new church, one that I have never been to, with no one that I know. It is called Journey Church. I was blessed. I really liked their worship, a lot! The teaching was AWESOME too. I am pretty sure that he wrote his sermon with me in mind....even though he does not know me (God works like that though). :) I think I will try going there again...maybe it is the place I am to be, maybe not. We will see.

I realized today, as I sat in church, that I am trying to do things too much on my own. I am not allowing other people to help. I don't think I am doing this on purpose, it is just how things have turned out. I have built up walls as a way to defend my heart...this is not such a good thing because then I shut everyone out...that really is not my intention. Guess I know where I need to change. God will help me to open up and to be willing to be vulnerable again. It is not such a comfortable place, but I think it is necessary for growth. That is what I want...I want to grow, so here continues my journey along this path called life.

Maybe there are some things that I can let go of in the name of grace, not giving up on the relationships that are dearest to me, but working together to fulfill the call of God; to work together to get His work done. This is what He created us for anyway. To do His work and to do it together. Not alone...

--Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.
Ecclesiastes 4:9

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Extreme Gardener said...

The church we go to is called Journey Fellowship! We like the music a lot and the pastor is a good teacher.