February 19, 2008

The Amazing Grace

Forgiveness... Seems like a little thing, but in reality it has all the power in the world. There is nothing so powerful as that of forgiveness.

I watched a movie tonight called "The Amazing Grace". It is the story of John Newton and how he came to see the incredible hurt and pain he caused as he captured and enslaved other human beings. In one particular scene, one of the African men has John Newton tied up ready to kill him for all the hurt and pain he had caused. One of the women stands up to defend him and says, "The thing that makes him human is not his power to hate, but his power to love." At that moment the man poised to kill Newton stands down and releases him. By doing so he extended such incredible forgiveness and love to a man who had caused nothing but pain and suffering to those he recruited as slaves. John Newton did not at all deserve the love and forgiveness that was shown to him. He did not deserve the grace lavished upon him, but he was given it anyway.

Isn't this how our God is towards us? He continually pours out his love and forgiveness to me , despite the things that I have done. Though I don't deserve to be showered with the grace He extends to me, He does it anway. Such amazing grace!

As I am forgiven, shouldn't I forgive? That is the way of my Jesus. I so much want to be like Him, but I have so many things keeping me from Him, mainly myself. I do know that I have the ability to destroy someone or free them by the decisions I make. Forgiveness is the much better way. I know that I need His grace poured out upon me to do it because by nature I am not forgiving. I do desire to be set free and to set others free by loving them enough to forgive. To show God's Amazig Grace to those around me; what better gift could I give them? After all, my precious Lord has done the same for me!

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