February 22, 2008

The Law of Human Nature

It can be said that not everyone agrees on the same values of human nature and so therein lies the quandary...my sense of right and wrong may differ from yours and so what I find wrong to do, you may not find wrong at all. I disagree.

I am certain that humanity in general has a similar sense of right and wrong. All of our decisions are based on this sense of a moral right. We may not always choose the right way of doing things, but we are always able to. We would not know of a moral wrong if we did not have a moral right to base it all on.

Deep inside we have all been given the gift of morality. Whether we choose to listen to it or not is our choice. There is no difference in morals within the human race, as much as we try to blame our wrong doings on that. If we are honest with ourselves we would admit that we do wrong because we choose to. Not because we don't know the difference.

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