February 24, 2008

Where's Waldo?????

As a kid I loved trying to find Waldo in the midst of the colorful backgrounds in the hard bound book. It was always such a great challenge for me. I often got distracted by the many "Waldo look-alikes" that were successful in diverting my gaze. Seemed like innocent ploys, but they were successful in their rite.

As I walk this Christian walk, I am increasingly aware of all of the Waldo-like distractions that try to capture my gaze, and turn it away from my Jesus. Sometimes these schemes are successful, but only when I am not focused on the face of my Lord. Other times they are not successful because I am walking so closely with Him and will not break the gaze for anything; those are the times I long for.

I know that there are many "Waldo-looking" things I cannot see that obstruct my view of Him. Even though that is the reality, the even bigger truth is that He is still there; though I cannot see Him, He is there. No matter what comes between my view of His face, I am always assured that He is always where He has been. Though I get distracted and lose my way now and then, it is reassuring to know that I can always come home. The Waldo look-alikes will always be there, but so will my God!

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