March 27, 2008


A few weeks ago I finally applied for my CLEAR credential. I have had my preliminary credential for four years now, and thought it time (before the five year limit) to get my credential cleared. So, the deed has been done and I am completely, officially, done with all the hoops teachers have to jump through to do what they do; that is until "they" decide that there are some other things they think teachers should do to be able to teach better....

So, with all of that excitement, I thought it quite grand that I was officially done, and then the great news.... a pink slip! GO FIGURE! Just in time for me to be completely official, the government decides that they do not have enough money, so they have to cut the education budget and lay off teachers. Lame! Now, after all of that hard work, I don't even know if I will be teaching next year. Who knew..... God did! :)

As hard as I thought this might be, I feel really peaceful in knowing that God is bigger than any budget crisis and teacher lay-off situation. Some days, I must admit, are easier than others, but I cannot worry about the things I am uncertain of. I trust that if this is not where I am supposed to be, He will move me on. I really do hope that I can continue to teach; I really do LOVE my job. But I trust and wait expecting God to do amazing things like He always does! :)

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rachel young said...

amazing!'you amaze me ms larue.
i hope i will be able to build up all of the faith you have in God