May 18, 2008

The Little Things in Life

I have discovered, though it is pretty obvious, that some of the little things in life are the most awesome blessings. This past week was a very hard week for me; the lay-off is official and even though I expected it, it still made me sad, very sad. I cried. A lot. I questioned God too, I just do not understand. But I do know He is going to do something awesome for me... I just have to wait and trust.

God brought my little sister to stay with me for the summer. She arrived yesterday and I am so blessed to have her here. Tonight she is sitting here with her friend Struvey looking at the computer and laughing hysterically. That makes me smile. God knows I needed some company. This living alone thing is not my favorite.

So, when you think of me this week, pray for me. I am applying at school districts around the area to try to find a job. God is faithful that I know!

I got to go to camp with some of my sixth graders this week too. That was a blessing. I got to spend three days in sunny Malibu, CA. It was quite nice. More to come on that later...


Rach said...

how old is your sister?

Rach said...

oh i see

Extreme Gardener said...

Heads up, Sweetie. God has a great "big picture" in mind for you. This is only a tiny little brush stroke.
Love ya!