May 25, 2008

What's in Your Hands?

I have been wrestling over where I should go to church for many months now...Don't really seem to fit in anywhere. I really don't feel like I can return to my old church, though some days I want that more than anything. I have been attending a different church and have been blessed by it. I have sincerely sought the Lord, asking Him to really tell me where it is that I am supposed to be. I think He has shown me; yet another adventure begins...

My heart truly yearns to serve the Lord again in the ways that I can. It has been so very long since I was involved in a church and have really felt like it was my home. I do long for that: to be a blessing in the ways that I can. Just when I begin to think those thoughts, the others come rushing in. Thoughts like: "I have nothing to give" or "There are a ton of other people who are doing the things I want to do. I am not needed." I do know that those are lies that try to discourage me from serving the Lord. I will not give in!

Because I know that God desires me to serve Him, I have stepped out in faith today, praying that the Lord would lead me and show me what He desires for me to do. I sent an email to the leadership at Journey Church and told them my desire to serve there and to be in ministry again. Oh boy, I am really excited about what that could mean! I have no idea what God will do, but I am fairly certain that I am supposed to be there... unless God leads me somewhere else. He could still do that, I know! :)

Today's message at church was about serving God and not being afraid of Him using you. When God called Moses to do big things for Him, all he had in his hands was a stick... a stick! Moses was supposed to serve God and go and rescue His people from Pharaoh with a stick. That is all he had in his hands. God used Him and did amazing things and changed the world by using Moses and the stick he held in his hands. Incredible!

What is it that God has given me? What do I hold in my hands? God will ask me to use what He has placed in my hands to serve Him and to change the world for Him. Am I willing to let Him use all I possess (and it is not much) to change the world? Yes, I am!

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