June 20, 2008

In Him I will Trust!

I should NEVER, NEVER doubt the goodness of the Lord. I know this very well, but sometimes in the midst of things I allow my mind to wander through the "what-ifs" of life. This only produces doubt and makes me forget that I can trust God more than anything else in my life! He has always provided for me and has NEVER left me without. His past faithfulness should demand my present trust... but I too often forget...

Earlier this year God gave me a scripture for the year and it has been what I have been holding onto through all of this lay-off mess. He promised me that I would be teaching and I did trust Him, though sometimes it was hard. The verse He gave to me was Daniel 11:32-33: "But the people who know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits. And those of the people who understand shall instruct many." God blessed me with that verse back in the latter part of last year and continued to make it the verse for this year. Though it may seem very out of context, I know God showed me that verse to reassure and encourage me that I would be in the classroom again... that is how good He is!

I must confess to Him that though I tried VERY hard to wait patiently and TRUST, some days I found it impossible. It was on those days that I would fall apart until I would remember the faithfulness of my God. He has, up to this point, never left me to destruction, and I should always remember that when I start to wander down the path of doubt. I cannot express to Him how very much I love Him and how very much I believe He has nothing but good for me.

Today God showed me that, once again, He is worthy of my COMPLETE TRUST! At 3:07 this afternoon I got a phone call from Lake Los Angeles School. They called to offer me a third grade teaching position for the fall! I, of course, accepted very politely, and then proceeded to hang up the phone and run around my living room jumping up and down for joy. It was a sight to behold (but I was home alone so there really is no evidence). :) So, I am now, unofficially, (only because I have not yet signed my contract... I do that next week) the new third grade teacher at Lake Los Angeles School!!!!!!!! I cannot even express how thankful I am! God is my refuge. IN HIM I WILL TRUST!!!!!

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