August 01, 2008

One of the JOYS of Being a Teacher

Eagerly I started working in my classroom about three weeks ago so I would be ready before we started training next week. All went well and as planned and my entire room is set up and ready for children!!! :) The furniture is arranged perfectly, all wall bulletin boards put up and decorations hung. I was so very happy about this... for once I was ahead of the game! Then today....

The literacy coach at our school came into my room to introduce herself and looked around my room and said very nice things about how neat and organized it looked. Then the conversation went sour and went something like this....

Julie: You do know that you have to have an ENTIRE wall dedicated the Open Court reading series, right?

Me: Well, actually, no I did NOT know that.

Julie: Yeah, you need to have the furniture arranged in a way that will allow you to place all the necessary things on the wall that are needed for the reading series we use here.

Me: Hmmm.... (I had no idea what to say at that point)

Why the HECK did no one else bother to tell me that when they saw me working in my room these past many weeks.... live and learn!!!

This all would not be so bad except I am on my way to Mexico for the weekend to work at an orphanage. That just leaves me Monday through Friday next week... oh but wait! I have MATH TRAINING from 8am- 4pm all next week!!! So, I guess I might as well bring a few blankets and pillows so that I can make my classroom my home for the week. I might as well not even try to plan on eating, sleeping, or even breathing until my room is done. And boy is it going to be a long process. So much for trying to work ahead... ha!

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Aaron Evans said...

I read your comment you wrote on facebook about no making any comments on your blogs, so I thought I would read one and leave a comment.
Anyways the politics of being a teacher. You took the word out of my mouth when I was reading your blog. It was real nice for her to tell you after you spent all week preparing your classroom. My question is who classroom is it anyways? Why don't they let you teach the way that will work best for you? It just seems extreme when they say 1/4 of your classroom wall space has to their program. I can uderstand having certain things that a princle may want in a classroom, but a whole wall seems extreme. What's next? are they going to tell you how they want you to tie your shoes laces.
This just goes to show all a teachers have to put up with to do their job. One would have to wonder if it is worth all the hassle. You must have a gift from the Lord to teach, and how we need Godly teacher today! I guess the best thing is to make peace and live in peace, and allow the Lord to lift you up in His time!
God bless