August 20, 2008

Train them Up!

Kids, at heart, are little people who so desperately want to please and rise up to the challenge given them. I believe that all children have the ability to be nice little people if they are taught to do so. They must be trained up in the way they should go. If they are taught how to be respectful and polite, they will grow up to be just that.

The group of third graders that I have this year are so sweet. They LOVE to please me and try so hard to be obedient. Today was a perfect example of how respectful kids can be if you expect them to....

Today we had visitors from PathPoint, a day program for disabled adults. They have been helping our classroom by folding and stapling books for us and tearing out homework pages and stapling them. They have been such a blessing to our class and have helped us so much. Today they came to visit our class to meet my kids. It was really a sweet thing.

Before our visitors arrived I explained to my kids that though they may look different than us or sound different than us, they are friendly people that need to be respected and shown kindness. I was a little worried that they would say or do something rude, but to my surprise, after I talked with them and told then how I expected them to act, they exceeded my expectations. They were so very gracious; they shook hands, gave hugs, asked polite questions, talked nicely to everyone that came. They really went above and beyond.

I do hope that our visitors today were blessed. Mina, Joshua, Megan, Elena, Christine, Michelle, Teresa and Kellie: my kiddles LOVED you and can't wait for your next visit.

I am so proud of these kids They are such sweet little people that are such a blessing to me!

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tif said...

Oh felicity- i know i will enjoy reading your blog now that i remembered about it!