October 08, 2008

What a Beautiful Name!

Sometimes the name of Jesus rings too common in my every day world that I forget to truly cherish all that His name really means. Of course I love Him and know who He is, but do I REALLY? This is kind of a complicated question, but I do think it is one that must be asked of myself, and of all who call themselves Christians. Do you really know Jesus?

By "Do you know Jesus?", I don't mean, are you acquainted with Him or are you familiar with Him. I mean do you TRULY know Him? I suppose then I have to define "truly" if we are going to get anywhere in this conversation... by truly I mean "intimately" and "personally" as you know your best friend.

When I think back on my Christian walk up to this point, I can say that I know Jesus, but I honestly do not think I can say I know ALL ABOUT Him. I have been praying over the last week or so and asking the Lord to show me the next book I am to study in the Bible. I just finished up Numbers and thought I would move right on in to Deuteronomy, when I felt like God wanted something else from me. So, I began to pray. Today on my drive home from work, God showed me that I need to spend some time in the Gospels. The more I thought about it, the more I understood why...

Though I know who Jesus is and I believe that He died on the cross for me to rescue me from myself, I do not know all there is to know about Him, and that makes me sad. So, I am on a quest, a God-given quest, to learn all that I can about Jesus and who He is. I am going to dive in and find out what He likes, what He hates, what He likes to do, what He likes to eat, what He likes to read (duh, right), what His favorite things are, whatever I can find out, I am going to find it out! I am going to devote myself to the study of the Gospels and discover for MYSELF, who Jesus is and what He is like.

I am so excited about this adventure and where it will lead. In the end, when all is said and done, I will have a more intimate understanding of Jesus and the beauty that He radiates! :) I can hardly wait!

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tif said...

WOAH! so cool because I was totally thinking on the same track tonight about how Jesus's name is soooo beautiful and I'd taken it for granted the countless times I'd sung it and said it and heard it cursed...and I thought, wow, I know Jesus and His name is beautiful- so cool! Maybe I need to spend some time back in the gospels too...to remember Jesus and to know Him more- thanks for the encouraging thoughts, felicity!