December 14, 2008

~* 2008 Christmas CD Insert*~

Music has always been very special to me. I seem to be able to have my deepest feelings expressed easier through music than almost any other way (except writing of course). I absolutely LOVE worship music and I find that some of the sweetest connections with God have come through music. So, this year, I thought I would put together a CD of the songs that blessed me over the past 12 months, for one reason or another, and share them with you. I do hope you are blessed each time you listen to it! Merry Christmas!

1. Beautiful, Scandalous Night--Robbie Seay Band

I first heard this song not that long ago, but the words are beautiful! I can hardly imagine what that day was like, but that day changed life as we know it, forever. There is such freedom because of the events of that beautiful, scandalous night.

2. Believe--Mainstay

It is not always in my strength to believe, but somehow God always gives me the ability and the grace to trust Him. Sometimes I am so disgusted with myself because I have such little faith, but I pray that I will always believe, even if I don't feel like it! He deserves at least that!

3. Bubbly-- Colbie Callait

I love Colbie's voice. She is great! I played this a lot while I was cleaning... it's the happy music!

4. Captivated--Vicky Beeching

This song is special to me because my friend Jessica and I shared this song with each other this year. Makes me think of her and how much we both desire to always be captured by Jesus' gaze!

5. Desire--Phil Wickham

I love anything by Phil Wickham. He is such an awesome song writer. His music always reaches into the depths of the heart and draws you to God.

6. Divine Romance--Phil Wickham

I love this song for many reasons, but probably the most because God really has wooed me with His love. He has shown me the beauty of a romance with Him; there is none more precious.

7. From the Inside Out--Hillsong

I first heard this song in Spanish while I was on a missions trip in Mexico. Then I heard it at my church here in the US... so this song reminds me of Mexico and I love that! It is such an awesome song because it really says what I have never been able to put into words. I do want my love for God to be real, coming from the inside and pouring out all over those I meet.

8. Healer--Hillsong

This song is so powerful to me! I know God can heal, but before hearing this song, I don't think I considered it personally. There is a line that says, "You heal all my disease. I trust in You." I really thought about this and I came to realize He is my Healer... He has healed me from the gravest of diseases... sin. I am so thankful that He walks with me and heals me when I need His touch.

9. Hosanna--Hillsong

This year has been a Hillsong kinda year. I started going to a new church and they are all about Hillsong music, so I hear a lot of it. I really do enjoy it! This song is great because I want to see as Jesus sees. I do not want to always be focused on myself, though I have been for much of this past year. I want God to change the way I see...

10. Hosanna-- Paul Baloche

Not the same as the previous song, but it does have the same name. This song is a special memory for me because they sing it at the church I used to attend in Murrieta. It reminds me of the year I got to spend there and how blessed I was.

I also love this song because only when I ask for God to reveal Himself to me do I find strength to walk in the Spirit each day. Otherwise, I am in my flesh and it is an ugly mess.

11. Jesus Take the Wheel--Carrie Underwood

I am sure everyone already knows this song, but I love it. I do want Jesus to have all of my life and to be the One in control. I do not want to hold the reins at all, because I only mess it up when I do.

I used to be a country girl, but I don't listen to it anymore. But I heard this song and I liked it a lot. She really does have an awesome voice.

12. My Wish--Rascall Flatts

This song is super special to me because it is the song that I dedicated to my 6th grade class at the end of last school year. I miss them a lot and I love to listen to this song because it makes me think of them.

13. Peace--Robbie Seay Band

"When we feel Him move, we cannot stay the same." I so wish I would not be the same after I feel God move. I have to choose to move on with Him and to not go back to where I was...
This song is so awesome because it reminds me that God still moves and works. I want to breathe Him so deeply that I am completely changed!

14. The Stand--Hillsong

Yes, another Hillsong song, but they are so good! This song reminds me to continually offer my heart to Him. Sometimes this has to be a moment by moment choice, but when I do offer it to Him, He can do amazing things!

15. Undo--Rush of Fools

This song expresses all that I have allowed to happen in my heart this past year. Though I am not proud of who I have become, God is so much more powerful, and I am SOOOO tankful for that! He is the only One who can undo all that I have become, and I know He will if I will allow Him; and I want Him to so desperately! I am so glad He does undo all that I have done.

16. When I Think About the Lord--Shane and Shane

This is a great song! It reminds me to always have my thoughts on the Lord; looking at things as He would. When I take the time to think about Him throughout the day, I am more centered and able to live beyond myself and for Him and those around me.

17. The 21st Time--Monk and Neagle

WOW! This song is so true! How many times have I walked by that homeless person and thought nothing of it. I want to be one who helps others because of all that Jesus has done for me. If there is a need, I want to help in any way that I can; I don't want to just walk away. I say that I am the body of Christ so I need to step up and act like it!

Live Simply
Give Generously
Learn Continuously
Love Without Limits
Merry Christmas!

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