December 02, 2008

Am I really that "Uncool"?

It has been a while since I have posted on this here blog of mine... not because I don't love to, but because don't make the time to. So, I think I will make the time... deal?

I have never really considered myself old and out of touch with the younger generation until today. I work at a k-12 school and come in contact with a lot of children everyday. I get the opportunity to converse with them and interact and all is well and good until it's not. :) So all that in mind, here is how it all happened...

As we are walking out to the buses today I passed by a group of 5th graders and here's the rest:

Me: "What up yo?"
5th grade girl in the group: "What did she just say?" (laughing)
5th grade boy: She said, "What up yo?" (laughing harder)
5th grade girl: NO, she seriously did not (laughing hysterically)

My bubble was burst. :( Guess I am not the "in" crowd to a bunch of almost middle school children. Bummer.... Cori always thought I was cool.... whatever happened to the good 'ol days???

1 comment:

tif said...

hahahhahaha- story of my life
um...i still say that- so you are still cool in my book- ha