January 26, 2009

Birthday Blessings

There were great plans for the weekend. A birthday day at the Happiest Place on Earth... that's right, Disneyland! Since this year you get in free on your birthday I was going to take advantage of it. My mom, Step dad, and brother were all headed to visit Mickey right along with me, but that sort of fell apart when my mom got bronchitis and was at home in bed all weekend. It was no big thing though... I know we will get there eventually. I was kind of bummed since I was looking forward to hanging with the fam at my favorite place in the world, but another time I suppose.

Instead I got to spend the day at home sitting with my Bible and being blessed by gifts and flowers, hugs, birthday songs and phone calls. I enjoyed my day at home.

I got to spend my birthday evening with my Grandma, my brother, and my stepdad at my favorite restaurant, Claim Jumper. I got to indulge in some delicious fare and an even more delicious dessert... the CHOCOLATE CHIP CALZONE! Ok, I am not even a chocolate fan, but this dessert is AMAZING! It is better than amazing; it's deliciously, deliriously, delectable (do you like how I used all d's to describe the dessert). If you have not had the pleasure of giving yourself over to one of these desserts, please do so immediately!


Shari said...

Sigh. A day of Disneyland would be great about now! We're snow/iced in! I'm glad your birthday was good.
Love ya

The PotBellied Goddess said...

Yo. Where's your list of 100 things? ;) I'm so glad you're making a list with me! Also, I don't think it's too late to do the Cannonball Read-it's not official or anything...I started in October, I just have to read 100 books between now and October
2009. Do it with me, please?!?