February 14, 2009

My Beloved

Dear My Beloved,

There has never been, and will never be, anyone more beautiful. I have never met anyone else that I have loved so very much from the first moment I met them.  You have shown me more love and care than anyone else ever could. I cannot imagine my life without you.

The moment I met you my life was changed forever.  There never was any inclination in my mind to turn back from this love.  I was, and continue to be, amazed at the depth of your beautiful love for me.  I cannot, most times, comprehend why you love me as you do.  I have not been the kind of person who deserves the love that you have given.  I am forever thankful, though, that you do choose to love me.  I could not ask for anything more.  

I think back to the beginning and I wonder how it is that you came to desire someone like me.  I know that I never showed you much interest, but you still pursued me to the uttermost.  I never could have loved you like that, yet you gave your all to me.  There never would be a relationship if you had not chased after me with all that you had.  I am thankful beyond words.

The heartfelt conversations we had, and continue to have, are such a treasure to me.  I get to know you more each time we sit and talk.  I love that about us!  Sometimes, I want to sit all day and listen to you: learning and soaking up all I can.  What thrills me more than anything is knowing you feel the same way towards me.  There cannot be a relationship anywhere that compares to the one that we have together.  

Now, as I imagine our future together, I can hardly contain myself.  I look forward to, with such great joy, falling more in love with you as each day passes.  I know we have an eternity to be in love, but I feel like I must know the depths of your love more and more each day. 

You have done all You could do to make sure that I loved You, and I cannot begin to tell You how much that really means to me.  You are my Beloved and are more breathtaking than anyone I have ever met.  You have loved me with an everlasting love and there could be nothing greater.  Jesus, You truly are My Beloved and I am so happy that I belong to You!

Happy Valentine's Day!


The PotBellied Goddess said...

That's beautiful Fishy-if only we all celebrated Valentine's Day with our one and true Valentine!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

that was so beautiful..


Tonya said...

Hey there, Friend! I came by to say "thanks" for stopping by my blog.. It's SO NICE to "meet" you. ☺ You asked where I had my blog done.. The lady's name is Jennisa and you can find her here...


Have a GREAT week!