November 08, 2011

Desperate for Grace

Time after time, day after day, I find myself desperate for grace. With my tremendous need though, comes God's abundant grace. He lavishes it upon me through every circumstance. As I grow more and choose to walk in His ways, I am understanding more of how His grace is readily available when I fall face-down and choose to let Him pour it upon me.

Minute by minute I see my need for grace. For every unkind word I've spoken, He pours out His grace. For every hurtful look I've given, He lavishes grace. For each spiteful thought, His grace. God redeems my mistakes and challenges me to do it right the next time. Do I always follow? I wish I did. But this I do know: because of His AMAZING grace, I WANT to be a kinder, more gentle, forgiving person. His grace causes me to want to lay aside my flesh and see as He sees.

I am desperate for grace. It causes me to see Him more clearly.

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Amanda Rose said...

you've been nominated! Check out my post titled "Nominated! Me?!" and you'll see what I wrote about you! Many Blessings!