June 11, 2013

He Knows Best

It has been many months that I have felt this thing, whatever it is. The need to move on, do something  else with my life. I am not sure it is even me, but I feel it just the same. At times this need seems to be my every thought, all I think about. I often wonder if it is me that is needing to find the greener grass or if it is God moving in my heart.  If it is Him, I don't want to miss it....if it is just me, I want to let it fade to the background.

I am spending this week with my dearest friend Jodi at her new home in North Carolina.  I have been with her to her AMAZING church, visited with her awesome friends, seen many places where so much ministry takes place.  It makes me yearn for so much more back home.  Those feelings come rushing back again....

I think God is showing me a little something in all of this, however.  Though it is not exactly the thing I wanted Him to say, He is saying it just the same.  And whatever He is showing me I always want to follow.

I feel like I have been wanting a change so badly that I just might have been looking too hard for it.   Though I want to quit teaching and move someplace amazing and work for a ministry somewhere, maybe that is not what God has for me right now.  I really wish it was, but what about what He has given me presently?  Am I being faithful to the things He has put in front of me today? I don't honestly think I can say that I am. If I were honest with God, I'd tell Him that I am just doing enough to get by, not really going the extra mile or being faithful to do things with excellence.  

So today after visiting the Billy Graham Training Center, attending Elevation Church, talking with some awesome friends in The Lord, maybe I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  Maybe I still have more to do right where I am.  Though it would be more exciting to move, find a new career, embark on a new journey, God has given me fresh vision for my church, my ministry, my walk with Him.  He has given me an excitement to serve in my little world and do what I can to reach those around me, encourage those who need it, and minister as He calls me to.  I wait upon The Lord...He knows best!

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