October 12, 2013

Dispenser of Grace

When I was a child, I always got so excited to run into the store and search through the many Pez dispensers to find just the perfect one to bring me those red, orange, and yellow pieces of candy. I could always depend on those dispensers to dispense a continuous supply of candy, as long as my supply never ran out.  Now that I am older, I no longer run into the store and search for the perfect candy dispenser; Instead, I have found something much deeper that satisfies my soul.

I have discovered the relentless love and grace of God.  Just as the Pez dispenser dispensed those mini candies into my hand all those years ago, today I get to be on the receiving end of something much better: grace.  God so freely and continually dispenses His grace upon me, over and over again.  I am not deserving in the least, but He continues to supply.  He never runs out of His grace and never chooses to withhold it as long as I ask.

This is such a comfort to me.  I am, after all, human and I seem to always fall back into the places I don't want to be.  But God forgives and lavishes His grace that is in abundant supply.  I am not bound by my own ability to be forgiven, but am set free to accept His abundant grace as He forgives.  All thanks be to Him!

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