September 14, 2014


It has been a long road.  One that I really didn't ever think I would find myself walking, but here I am just the same.

I have been a Christian for 14 years and have always loved spending time in the Word...getting to glean all I possibly could from God's gift to me: His Word.  I would rise early every morning to sit with Him and discover all He had to say to me.  It was my source of life.

But over time, I have let life get in the way.  I have slowly been sleeping in more and more.  In turn, reading less and less.  So, during this most recent season, getting into the Word has been a struggle.

But of one thing I can always be sure:  God is still the same and He continues to pursue me despite my short comings.

Now it's time.  I need to put other things aside and get back to spending time with the Lord.  I am excited about this next season: excited about all that God wants to show me, all He wants to do!

So, I am kicking off a new season!  I have joined a study group online through Good Morning Girls Ministries and will be off and running tomorrow morning (if I can get myself out of bed!)! I will be reading through the Bible with them and joining in on their discussion each week.  I treasure the time I have with the Lord and I want Him to know that I LOVE Him with all I am.  He is my source and I cannot make it without Him!

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