February 14, 2015

My True Valentine

My First Love,

Today is supposed to be a day where love is celebrated.  I cannot think of a love more worthy of celebrating than Yours.  It is all that I need.  Yours is a love that I cannot live without.  It is what makes me who I am.

There could never be another love that lavishes me the way that Yours does.  It brings me to my knees in adoration and thankfulness.  I do not deserve You in any way, but yet you still shower me with grace upon grace.

I cannot express how deeply I adore You.  I am unable to explain it.  Words are not adequate enough. Ever.  Even my heart tries to express the love I feel for You, but it fails. Every. Time.  But I feel it.  I know the love I have for You.

I am amazed by the relentless love that continually pursues me and calls me to heights with You.  No matter what I have done or how far I have fallen, Your grace continues to pick me up.  That is love. Unrelenting love.  

Your love has changed me and made me who I am.  We have been to the heights of joy and to the depths of sorrow.  But still Your love is there: unwavering and steadfast.  I could not ask for anything greater.  Jesus, there is no love I need more than Yours.  I am Yours.  Always.


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